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Branding Details

2 Branding Options

We create two branding options for your business. You can then choose your favourite design and we’ll apply it across the rest of the collateral eg. business cards, social media etc.

Your main logo is your go to logo for most uses. It’ll be your most recognisable branding.

The descriptive logo contains more information than your main logo. This logo should inform prospective customers/clients of your business name and what your business does.

Brand Icon

A brand icon is a simpler version of your logo or an element of your logo.

Illustrations or even your brand icon can be used to create a brand pattern. It’s a useful tool to create a cohesive look and feel across many different platforms.

It’s a great tool to create visual consistency across your business. It’s important to stick to your brand colours as it gives a dependable identity across everything you use.